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They can also provide advice on how to handle people affected by the data leak and help prepare you for the potential of liability lawsuits.For instance, they may advise you to offer credit card monitoring to all victims for a period of time after the breach.that is larger than the currently available version of the application since you do not know what API and UI changes are just around the corner.

While immediate threats should be addressed as soon as a data security breach is discovered, other outstanding issues may still need to be remedied after the breach is stopped and appropriate individuals are notified.HIPAA fines aren’t the only costs associated with healthcare security breaches.When a breach occurs, organizations must work through a series of time-consuming (and often expensive) actions to mitigate the situation.In addition, facilities are required to notify prominent media outlets in their area if more than 500 individuals may have been affected by the breach.Notifications must be provided in a timely manner – within 60 days of the security breach discovery.

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