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Helene I just know that an orgasm is the only way to get rid of this feeling. NARRATIONThese individuals and many more suffer in silence from rare and mysterious conditions that affect their sex lives.Sandra I use my vibrator and it takes up to six, seven hours. Prof Marcel Waldinger It's not yet known in general medicine.Dr David Goldmeier This uncomfortable, distressing feeling.Really, until she came to see us here, she didn't know what it was all about. But it may be that this condition is rarely diagnosed.NARRATIONThe red light district in the nation's capital, Amsterdam, is a throbbing attraction for sex and erotica.It is also home to Dutch professor Marcel Waldinger - a world authority on rare sexual syndromes.Helene After the orgasm, I've got relief for like two or three minutes. And so because of me don't wanting to have orgasms anymore, um, for him the pleasure really decreased a lot. NARRATIONThe stigma of this disorder often marginalises the sufferers.

Prof Marcel Waldinger Well initially, I thought it was very rare.

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But now I've seen so many women, that we actually can't handle it anymore.

A lot of them had complaints of an overactive bladder and restless legs.

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    It’s a pattern of behavior, not a permanent designation or identity.

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